more than two weeks to go until valentines day but the welsh are in the mood for love

This Wednesday, January 25th, is St Dwynwen’s Day, the Welsh alternative to Valentines Day. The day celebrates the Welsh patron saint of lovers; there’s little else we can tell you about the history behind the occasion that we haven’t covered previously on our blogs (see below for links), but there’s plenty going on around the country to get involved with and celebrate your romance with the one you love.

Dwynwen in Cardiff 2011

Whilst the occasion remains little known outside of Wales, the popularity of the day has been increasing. Last year, a special Dwynwen-o-Gram was arranged in Cardiff with a large cuddly heart spreading love amongst shoppers in the city centre before surprising one lucky office worker who had been nominated by her partner.

As the exposure grows, more and more events are happening around the country each year. Here’s some of the best we’ve found:

  • Take A Boat Trip To Llanddwyn Island: The island, just off of the west coast of Anglesey, was home to St Dwynwen during her lifetime – after promising to devote her life to God in return for him granting her three wishes, Dwynwen moved to the island and set up a church and convent. Today the place has become a pilgrimage for young lovers looking to gain insight into their future together from the sacred fish that live in the islands well, believed to be able to predict if couples would be happy together.
  • Free Lovespoons: Lovespoons are a Welsh tradition dating back centuries, each spoon is handcarved from wood with different meanings attributed to the style and symbols etched into them. On this years St Dwynwen’s Day, every couple that visits the Aberglasney House and Gardens in the Tywi Valley will receive a special gift – their own hand crafted lovespoon.
  • dydd santes dwynwen hapusFollowing on from the success of our online greetings card last year, we’ve gone and made another one for you to download, print out and give the object of your affection, featuring our own take on a Welsh lovespoon especially for St Dwynwen’s day.Download our printable PDF St Dwynwen’s Day cardRead our previous St Dwynwen’s blog posts:

    Find out more about Romantic Breaks and Romantic Restaurants in Wales.

    Sourced from Visit Wales



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