British couple kicked off Thomson flight after ‘row about drugs’

Plane makes emergency landing after cabin crew hears British couple 'argue about drugs'

By Ruth Doherty

A Thomson plane headed for Mombasa, Kenya, made an emergency landing after cabin crew overheard a drunken British couple arguing about drugs.

According to the Daily Mail, Matthew Evans, from Hertfordshire, began rowing with his girlfriend on board the flight, and she became so angry with him she told a fellow passenger he was carrying drugs.

But a flight attendant overheard and told the pilot, who decided to divert the plane to Malta.

The passenger jet made an emergency landing at about 4am, and when Mr Evans was searched by police they found 18 grams of cannabis resin.

The couple were not allowed back on the flight when it left at 6pm last night.

According to the Times of Malta, during his arraignment yesterday, Mr Evans pleaded guilty to simple possession and told Magistrate Claire Stafrace Zammit that he wanted to leave Malta as soon as possible.

He was conditionally discharged for three years.

Sourced by AOL


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