RAF Lossiemouth Tornado crash off Wick: Flt Lt Hywel Poole funeral held in Wales

Flt Lt Hywel PooleThe funeral of an airman who died when two Tornado GR4 jets crashed in the Moray Firth has been held in Wales.

Flt Lt Hywel Poole, 28, from Menai Bridge, died in hospital after being airlifted from the scene.

His coffin was draped with a Union Jack flag for the ceremony at Bangor Cathedral.

Members of the public paid their respects in the streets as the funeral of the “exceptionally talented” RAF airman took place.

The planes from 15 (Reserve) Sqd at RAF Lossiemouth crashed into the sea south of Wick, Caithness.

Gp Capt Ian Gale, station commander at RAF Lossiemouth, said the deaths of Flt Lt Poole and his colleagues were a “dreadful loss”.

Speaking before the funeral began, he said: “The loss of these men has been felt very, very deeply by the military family but our grief is second obviously to that of the families.”

He said he was a “kind and compassionate man”.

Flt Lt Hywel Poole coffin Flt Lt Poole’s coffin was draped with a Union flag

The Ministry of Defence said the remains of Flt Lt Adam Sanders, 27, who grew up in Lancashire, had now been found.

The body of Sqn Ldr Samuel Bailey, 36, has still to be recovered.

Additional remains which have been found have yet to be identified.

The sole survivor of the incident, who has not been named, is in hospital.

It happened during a training flight on 3 July.

An investigation into what caused the fatal air crash is continuing.

The wreckage has now also been recovered.

Sourced by BBC


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