South Wales Weekend Missions

The Swansea based air ambulance were regular visitors to Horton this weekend, responding to incidents there on both Friday and Saturday. The emergency helicopter was also needed to attend a man who had collapsed in Llangennith on Sunday.

Wales Air Ambulance received a call out on Friday morning to attend a 75 year old man who was suffering from cardiac arrest. The helicopter was on scene within 10 minutes of receiving the call and began to treat the patient before taking him to Morriston hospital to receive further care.

Another emergency call out to Horton was phoned through on Saturday afternoon regarding a 7 year old boy who had injured his arm in a fall.  Wales Air Ambulance arrived on scene in 10 minutes and conveyed the boy and his mother to Morriston hospital- arriving just 30 minutes after receiving the initial call.

The air ambulance was needed down the Gower on Sunday to attend a patient who had collapsed near Llangennith Beach. The patient, a man in his 60s, was taken to Morriston hospital to receive specialist medical treatment.

Gareth Williams, HEMS Paramedic said: “Wales Air Ambulance provides many benefits to the people of Wales, especially those who live in remote or hard to reach areas.  The helicopter is able to reach anywhere in Wales within 20 minutes and take them directly to the most appropriate hospital for their needs.”


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