Clutha crash: Police helicopter suffered double engine failure

breaking newsA police helicopter which crashed on a busy pub in Glasgow last November suffered a double engine failure, investigators have found.

The Air Accidents Investigation Branch (AAIB) said the failures were apparently as a result of a fuel supply problem.

But it said the cause of the problem was still not clear.

The Eurocopter EC 135 helicopter came down on the Clutha Bar in the city centre on Friday 29 November.

All three people on board and six in the pub were killed. A tenth victim died in hospital two weeks later.

The AAIB said it was trying to establish why both engines “flamed out” when there was 76kg of fuel remaining.

It was also investigating why there was no Mayday call and why the aircraft was not able to make a controlled landing.

An eyewitness said the Police Scotland aircraft, which was operated by Bond Aviation, fell from the sky “like a stone”.

The pilot Dave Traill, had 26 years experience and had flown helicopters for the RAF in both Gulf Wars.

An initial report on the crash which was released on 9 December said there was “no evidence” of major engine or gearbox failure.

Shortly after that report Bond grounded the same model of helicopter because of a fuel gauge problem.

The helicopter had taken off at 20:45 with 400kg of fuel on board and was returning the base when it came down at 22:22.

The helicopter did not have a so-called black box data recorder.

Sourced by BBC News


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