British travellers told to leave Crimea

British travellers told to leave CrimeaBy Phil Davies

British travellers in Crimea have been urged to leave as tensions rise over Russia’s military build-up in Ukraine.All travel to the region was banned at the weekend and Britons were told by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office to leave immediately.

“The FCO is not able to provide consular services to anyone choosing to remain in Crimea,” the updated travel advisory warned.

The FCO added: “The situation in Crimea is increasingly tense following the decision of the Russian parliament to authorise military action on Ukrainian soil against the wishes of the Ukrainian government.

“In addition armed men seized Simferopol airport early on 28 February. Flights have now resumed as of 2 March but we do not advise British nationals to leave via this route until the situation becomes more stable.

“No flights are operating out of Sevastopol (Belbek) airport.

“Train and bus routes out of the peninsula are still operating. There are reports of road blocks, but traffic is able to get through.

“If you’re currently visiting or living in Crimea, you should leave now. If you choose to remain, you should keep a low profile, avoid areas of protest or stand-off and stay indoors where possible.”

The situation in the Ukraine capital of Kiev and other cities has calmed considerably following months of violent protest during which nearly 100 people were killed, the FCO added.

Most businesses in central Kiev are now open and the transport system has resumed a normal service.

Sourced from Travel Weekly


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