More Caribbean tourism chiefs hail APD decision

More Caribbean tourism chiefs hail APD decisionBy Phil Davies
Tourism chiefs of Barbados and Antigua have joined the Caribbean Tourism Organisation in welcoming reform of long-haul Air Passenger Duty.Richard Sealy, tourism and international transport minister of Barbados, predicted the change in the air tax bands from next year would trigger more arrivals from the UK.

The simplification of APD follows years of industry lobbying from both sides of the Atlantic.

Sealy said: “When I attended meetings with the British government together with Caribbean colleagues and the travel sector to present our case against this tax, I was impressed with how forcefully our industry came together on this issue.

“Our key travel industry partners were incredibly supportive in arguing with Barbados against the APD whilst still continuing to advocate travel to our country.”

He added: Now that the distorting impact of the tax has been removed I am confident we will be working with our same loyal and dedicated travel partners to welcome more British visitors back to Barbados in the coming years.”

Antigua and Barbuda tourism minister John Maginley said: “I am delighted that the British government has decided to remove the discrimination created by the banding in the application of the APD.

“I had the privilege of leading a delegation of Caribbean ministers of tourism as chairman of the CTO to the UK to meet and discuss the effect of the APD as far back as September 2009 where this proposal was first made.

“It has taken some time for this to happen but in the end it will be beneficial to Antigua and Barbuda in terms of lowering the cost of travel to the destination and increasing arrivals out of the UK.”

Sourced from Travel Weekly


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