STATS: Passengers Up 30% – February Stats now on Wales Air Forum

Stats for Feb 14 are now on WAF. Click here to view. 

“Another month of growth at CWL, PAX up 30% to 59,611. Rolling year up 7%.

These figures were helped by the two airlifts that occurred in February this year. One to Dublin and one to France. The French airlift carried over 7700 passengers on charter flights, whilst the Dublin lift carried over 2300 passengers on charter flights. However, even without these charter flights, we saw more standard passengers using Cardiff compared to last February.

Many destinations showed growth with ALC up 213%, AMS up 8%, EDI up 22.3%, AGP up 114% and TFS up 28%. A slightly better month for VY on APG and ALC with LFs of 66% and 62% respectively, however, this is still below the level it needs to be to be sustainable for VY. It is interesting to note the TOM had nearly half the number of flights to AGP but carried nearly as many people.

Routes that saw drops included SSH at -6% (due to less popularity of holiday to Egypt), BHD down 12% (less rotations, but still at a LF of 70%), GLA -32% (due to WX taking over), ACE -5% and VLY -9%. Cityjet took over the GLA route and started ORY at the end of Jan, so Feb is the first month to see how the routes are progressing. GLA had a load of 45%, and ORY had a load of 37%, which relates to passengers of 23 and 19 respectively. This isn’t a horrendous start but this will need to improve over the next few months for Cityjet to see CWL as sustainable. Two further routes to EDI and JER commence in April.

Lets hope we continue to see growth until May, which will be a continuous 12 months of growth at CWL. “


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