London becomes most expensive European capital as UK hotel rates increase

London becomes most expensive European capital as UK hotel rates increase

A rise in hotel rates of more than 13% since the start of last year has made London Europe’s most expensive capital to stay in,

With average room rates reaching almost £116, this places the capital ahead of Zurich and Moscow which both have average room rates of £111 per room.

Edinburgh is the second most expensive in the UK at £89, with the city seeing an increase in average room rates of almost 12% against the first quarter of 2013.

The cheapest room can be found in Liverpool which saw room rates drop by almost 5% to an average of £69 per night.

UK hotel rates overall increased in the past year, alongside forecasts remaining upbeat for the UK economy which suggests that 2014 can once again be met with similar optimism for the UK’s hotel industry, according to hotel solutions provider HRS which produced the research.

London, Zurich and Moscow are the most expensive top destinations in Europe while those charging the least are Budapest, Prague, Warsaw and Lisbon.

After London, the largest increase in room rates was seen in Athens, Warsaw and Milan where prices rose by 14% for the Greek capital and around 11% for the other two cities to give rates of €81, €76 and €108 respectively.

Room rates dropped in around two thirds of long-haul cities.

Sydney is most expensive at £143 a night, despite a decrease of 12%, followed by New York (£126) and Los Angeles (£123).

For one night’s stay in Sydney, travellers could have booked nearly three nights in Delhi (£47).

Sourced from Travel Weekly


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