Luggage Mule switches tactics after survey

Most people are still using hand luggage allowance tooBag delivery service Luggage Mule has decided to reposition as a complement to airline hand luggage after a recent survey found many customers are still opting to take a bag on flights.

The company will now encourage passengers to take advantage of free hand luggage allowance but use Luggage Mule for one heavier bag.

It comes after a survey of 600 customers found the average holidaymaker only booked in one 20kg bag each despite they could carry the same on an aircraft.

Around 82% of its leisure customers said they also took one item of hand luggage onboard and 43% would use the service to send on a heavier bag. Only 28% did so to save money despite Luggage Mule offering more weight at a cheaper cost.

“Initially, we had expected the uptake on higher weights such as our 25kg (24%) and 30kg allowances (33%) to dominate, so we suspected the use of airline’s free hand luggage allowances had been impacting uptake,” said Jordan Makin, managing director of Luggage Mule.

“The largest percentage of customers (i.e. 43%) appear to be sending their heavy items ahead with

Luggage Mule whilst using their free hand luggage allowance to pack the last minute items they either wish to use in the UK before they travel or did not think about packing three days ahead of departure, which is when their main bags were collected by us.”

Around 22% used hand luggage to ensure they had clothing on them in case their baggage does not arrive on time although Luggage Mule as a 99.6% successful delivery rate. Many are also carrying toiletries on flights with 37% taking selected items and 17% taking all toiletries in hand luggage.

“We are now actively encouraging the use of the airlines free hand luggage allowance for the last minute packing of clothes and toiletries, with customers just sending one 30kg bag ahead with all the heavier items they do not necessarily use in everyday life. This gives the customer a highly cost effective way to cut out the hassle of taking luggage to airports, an average of 40kg of luggage per person and will save them on average two hours plus off their whole journey time,” said Makin. “We think speedy travel, facilitated by services like Luggage Mule, will become an expected norm in the next few years, as customers become increasing demanding about their travel experiences.”

Around 57% of Luggage Mule customers booked one bag with the company, while 24% booked two; 2% booked three and 17% sent on four bags or more.

Sourced by Travel Daily UK


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