Flights cancelled ahead of strike by ground handlers in Italy

Flights cancelled ahead of strike by ground handlers in Italy

Image via Shutterstock

Airlines serving Italy face having to cancel flights tomorrow (Friday) due to a 24-hour strike by airport ground handling staff.

EasyJet said some flights had been cancelled ahead of the walkout in an effort to allow passengers to re-organise their travel plans.

The dispute is expected to hit airports in Milan and Venice. Other staff also plan industrial action at Milan’s two airports between 1pm and 5pm local time.

“Like all airlines, easyJet’s flights to and from Milan Malpensa, Venice and Milan Linate airports will be affected and we apologise for any inconvenience caused despite this being beyond the airline’s control,” the airline said.

“We strongly advise customers who wish to travel and want to rebook easyJet flights to avoid rebooking flights on the same day as there is some likelihood of further disruption that could cause further cancellations.”

Workers at Alitalia and Meridiana also plan strike action at various times tomorrow.

Further industrial action at Italian airports is planned for the afternoon of June 11.

Sourced from Travel Weekly


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