Travel warning issued for Tunis

Travel warning issued for Tunis

Britons travelling to the Tunisian capital of Tunis have been warned of the “unpredictable” nature of a planned demonstration today (Thursday) following a threat to tourist areas.

Police and security forces are expected to stage the protest against a recent decision to exclude them from voting in the forthcoming elections.

This follows the killing of four policemen in an attack by gunmen on a house belonging to the country’s interior minister Lotfi Ben Jeddou on Tuesday.

Two days earlier security forces arrested 16 individuals with explosives near the southern border with Libya.

In a press statement, the minister announced that the group had plans to attack industrial sites and tourist areas, according to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

“The size and impact of the demonstration are unpredictable, but there may be some traffic disruption while the demonstration takes place,” The FCO said in an updated travel advisory.

“There is a possibility of further protests. These are not normally aimed against foreigners, but international events can trigger anti-western demonstrations,” following a recent rise in terrorist activity in the country, the FCO added.

“The possibility of further attacks, including in the coastal resorts and desert areas cannot be ruled out.

“The British Embassy is in regular contact with the Tunisian authorities and this travel advice is kept under constant review.

“You should be vigilant, keep up to date with this travel advice, and follow the advice of the local authorities and your tour operator.”

There has been a recent increase in terrorist activity in Tunisia, including an explosion on the beach next to the Riadh Palm Hotel in the tourist zone in Sousse on October 30, the FCO added.

Sourced from Travel Weekly


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