Airlines should get incentives to use regional airports

Birmingham airport chief has called for the Government to change tax rules to encourage airlines to use spare airport capacity in the regions.

Paul Kehoe, CEO of Birmingham airport told MPS, Lords and business leaders that space at regional airports should be utilised rather than travellers having to travel through the ‘congested South East’.

He said in Birmingham’s case, the airport is just 70 minutes from London and, with its newly extended runway, it can cater for long haul routes to China and the US West Coast.

Kehoe said: “With air traffic set to double over the next fifty years, the Airports Commission is rightly looking at expanding UK airport capacity, but we also need to see Government action to make better use of the airports and runways we have already.

“This means changes to tax rules to encourage airlines to use regional airports for long haul routes, and a concerted government-led marketing push around the world to let growing markets and foreign airlines know Britain’s city regions and our airports are open for business.”

On July 22nd, Birmingham Airport will become the country’s first airport outside London to host a flight to and from China.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Sourced from Travelmole


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