New Call for Evidence to examine use of UK airports outside of London’s big two

The government has released a Call for Evidence to examine the current use of the UK’s existing airports outside of Gatwick and Heathrow, as part of the UK’s airport capacity debate.

The consultation paper, “Utilising the UK’s Existing Airport Capacity” was released this morning by the Airports Commission.

The commission said the report would ask for feedback from members of the public on the issues affecting the use of the UK’s existing airport capacity including:

  • their role
  • business models
  • options for increased connectivity as well as constraints.

In a statement, the commission said the publication “considers the national aviation picture from which the Commission is considering the shortlisted options for additional capacity in London and the south-east.”

It added that the call for evidence would focus on the domestic and international connectivity provided by regional airports, and airports serving London and the south-east other than Heathrow and Gatwick.

Launching the publication in Scotland, Sir Howard Davies, chair of the Airports Commission, said: “Regional airports and those in London and the south-east other than Gatwick and Heathrow remain critical to the Commission’s analysis; it is clear that in the future these airports will play a crucial national role, especially at a time when the major London airports are operating very close to capacity.”

The publication further examines connectivity trends at these airports, how the business models of these airports are developing and whether the connectivity provided by these airports can be enhanced.

Flybe said it “welcomed” the consultation. We “understand how vital connectivity is for the UK’s economy, with 80% of the UK’s GDP generated from outside of the M25.”

Saad Hammad, Flybe’s chief executive, added: “The paper released today by the Airports Commission is extremely welcome. This important consultation demonstrates how vital regional connectivity is to the airline industry as a whole.”

Sourced from TTG Digital


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