‘Boomerang’ Brit tourists returning to holiday favourites

British holidaymakers are returning to the same destinations year after year, according to new research.

More than two million people have no desire to see a new country or a resort and are instead opting for favourite locations when booking time away.

The most popular places to revisit are Paris, Florida, Tenerife, Benidorm and Majorca, with nearly a third of people saying they had been to the same place more than three times.

Sixty per cent of Britons are classed as “boomerang tourists” who have returned to the same holiday destination more than once in the past five years.

Sea and sand were the top reasons for returning to somewhere familiar, with almost half of tourists (48%) saying they wanted to repeat a relaxing beach break, but sightseeing trips and city breaks were also popular reasons to rebook.

Being able to guarantee good weather was the reason nearly 40% of people selected the same location, followed by reasonable prices and a family-friendly atmosphere.

Returning to the tried and tested did not end with the location as many holidaymakers even did the same things each time they returned.

Eating in the same restaurant, going back to bars and pubs and returning to sit in the same beauty spot were all listed as activities returning holidaymakers enjoyed.

The consistency of a favourite destination and knowing what to expect keep people coming back for more. The unknown nature of unfamiliar locations puts one in five off trying something new.

“Boomerang tourists” say that they do not feel the need to try somewhere else because they know they like this particular location.

Selwyn Fernandes, of LV= travel insurance that carried out the survey, told The Times: “Travelling to somewhere you have been to before can make planning a holiday much simpler.”

Sourced from Travel Weekly


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