Confusion over tighter airport security checks

Confusion over tighter airport security checks

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Confusion between airlines is being reported over new security checks requiring passengers to have their mobile phones and laptops charged up before boarding flights to and from the UK.

Passengers who are unable to switch on electronic devices before flights may have them confiscated under measures announced by the Department for Transport on Monday.

But it has emerged that while some airlines appear keen to implement the rules, others have said that they are not required to carry out the checks, the Times reported.

EasyJet said that no new measures have been applied to passengers travelling on its flights. A spokeswoman said: “If that changes, we will advise our passengers.”

Ryanair said that it did not expect the rules to have any impact on short-haul flights. A source suggested that the checks are carried out by airport staff, not by the airline.

British Airways said the rules do apply to its passengers.

The airline said: “We are complying with the new UK and US regulations and would advise customers to arrive in good time for their flights both at check-in and also at the boarding gate.

“We would advise that customers flying on routes into and out of the UK as well as on flights from the UK to US cities ensure that their electronic devices are powered up, as there may be extra searches and checks.”

Flybe is also complying with the new guidelines by advising passengers to ensure that any electronic devices in their hand luggage are fully charged before they travel so that they are able to be powered up – otherwise there is the possibility they will not be allowed to take the device onto the aircraft.

A spokesman told Travel Weekly: “It is inherent on all airlines to ensure that they adopt the safest possible practices and we will work with the airport operators to minimise the disruption and inconvenience to our customers.

“Safety and security is our primary concern and we also recognise punctuality as an important factor in the travel plans for everybody flying, whether on holiday or business.

“Our objective will always be to ensure safe flying while maintaining our on-time performance.”

The DfT said it was unable to specify to which routes the new rules apply, or from when.

The extra checks were first applied to flights to and from the US after the Department for Homeland Security said that it had received intelligence that al-Qaeda militants were able to make a new bomb-making device that could evade normal security.

Sourced from Travel Weekly


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