Budding Pilot Experiences the Thrill of Flying a 747

Press Release by Cardiff Aviation Training Ltd

By Marc Kinch,

Robert Allison (pictured left), a budding young teenage pilot, has already notched up 15 hours PPL flying in a Robin light aircraft.

Public Flight

He was keen to explore the possibility of taking his passion for flying to the next level. To gain an insight into both the challenge and thrill of flying a commercial airliner, Robert booked a one hour flight experience session in the CATL 747-400 full motion simulator.

He was briefed beforehand by Captain Paul Jones about the main differences in handling technique between a light aircraft and a big jet. Paul also explained the function of some of the aircraft systems.

The flight in the simulator consisted of a takeoff, climb and then some general handling of the aircraft, including stall recovery. Robert then explored the use of the autopilot for an automatic landing and the use of the Flight Director. Subsequently, Robert then carried out a manual landing at Heathrow in good weather, a manual landing in marginal weather and the biggest challenge of all – a manual landing at night.

Captain Paul Jones commented “Robert has excellent aircraft handling skills and learns quickly. His level of natural flying ability is greater than some pilots with many more flying hours”.

We certainly wish Robert all the best for the future.

Sourced by Cardiff Aviation Training Ltd


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