Gatwick apologises after ‘resourcing issues’ cause lengthy baggage delays

Gatwick apologises after 'resourcing issues' cause lengthy baggage delays 

Gatwick Airport has apologised to hundreds of passengers after some were forced to wait for up to five hours for their luggage.

Many were told to go home without their bags due to the lengthy delays at baggage reclaim on Saturday night and early Sunday morning.

The delays affected passengers flying with British Airways, Monarch, Thomas Cook and Thomson. It is also thought easyJet passengers were affected but were not told to leave the airport without their bags.

An airport spokesman told the Guardian the delays had been caused by “resourcing issues” involving baggage handling company Swissport.

The spokesman said: “Due to resourcing issues with the baggage handlers Swissport, there were overnight issues and delays with passengers’ luggage on some flights.

“Gatwick provided extra staff to help the airlines and their baggage handlers improve their service, as well as providing welfare and water for passengers waiting in the baggage areas, but we are sorry for the delays they faced. Baggage operations are now returning to normal.”

Officials from the airport said passengers would be reunited with bags within 48 hours.

Sourced from Travel Weekly


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