Foreign Office warning as criminals target tourists in Sunny Beach

Foreign Office warning as criminals target tourists in Sunny BeachBritish tourists to the Bulgarian resort of Sunny Beach have been warned of a spate of thefts from hotel rooms.

The alert came in revised travel advice from the Foreign of Commonwealth Office issued on Friday.

“There has been an increase in burglaries from hotel rooms in Sunny Beach,” the FCO said.

“Make sure you lock your room, including windows and balcony doors, and keep your valuables locked in a safe.”

The updated travel advisory at the start of the summer peak warned that tourists are being targeted by thieves and pickpockets in Sunny Beach and other resorts in the country.

“Don’t take valuables to the beach and be wary of poorly lit roads around the resort at night,” the FCO said.

It has also received “numerous reports” of pickpocketing, muggings and assaults of British holidaymakers by prostitutes and their minders.

“Avoid areas where prostitutes operate, especially late at night, including car parks, badly lit areas and areas with bushes and trees. Stick to main routes and avoid alleys and short cuts in Sunny Beach,” the advisory said, adding that prostitution is not illegal in Bulgaria.

Tourists are also cautioned not to change money on the streets in Sunny Beach, only at licensed exchange points, banks or hotels.

Sourced from Travel Weekly


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