Most MPs to holiday abroad this year

A larger proportion of MPs will be taking overseas holidays than the general public, Abta research out today (Tuesday) reveals.

The association’s annual MP holiday survey found that two thirds of MPs (66%) are likely to have a holiday abroad, compared to 52% of consumers.

Abta head of public affairs Stephen D’Alfonso said: “Peak holiday season is well and truly upon us and our survey shows that like many of their constituents, a holiday abroad is a key part of MPs’ summer plans.

“As they enjoy their break, we’d ask them to think about the high level of air passenger duty they and their constituents will have paid on flights, and to push for the government to scrap or reduce the tax for the benefit of the economy as well as local families.

“Once they come back from their foreign or UK getaways after the summer, Abta looks forward to working with all MPs to highlight the contribution that travel and tourism makes to jobs and growth and how we can build on this from 2015 onwards.”

Conservative MPs are most likely to take a holiday abroad with almost three quarters (72%) planning a trip this summer. They are followed by nearly two thirds (63%) of Labour MPs. Liberal Democrats are the least likely, with under half (47%) saying they are likely to have a holiday abroad this summer.

The three party leaders have each made public that they are planning a holiday abroad this summer, with prime minister David Cameron spending his main holiday in Portugal, deputy prime minister Nick Clegg visiting family in Spain, and Labour leader Ed Miliband holidaying in France.

MPs in Scotland, Northern Ireland and The Midlands are the most likely to spend their holidays overseas this summer with almost four fifths (77%) stating that are likely to have a holiday abroad.

They are followed by 74% of London MPs, 64% of MPs from the North and 50% of Welsh MPs.

MPs in the south of England are the least likely to holiday abroad this summer according to the ComRes survey with under half (48%) planning a trip.

The research also revealed that male MPs are more likely than their female counterparts to holiday abroad this summer (67% of men against 60% of women).

An estimated 14 million people are expected to head overseas for their summer holidays this year.

Sourced from Travel Weekly


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