NATO Wales 2014: Information for Enthusiasts

Due to security restrictions surrounding the NATO Wales 2014 Summit there will be restrictions imposed to enthusiasts around Cardiff Airport.  There are currently two official locations for enthusiasts who are looking to take advantage of the rare visitors that the summit will bring.

The Cambrian Cafe Bar

As most people know the 2014 NATO conference takes place in Wales for the very first time. This will be high security event, with a high level of security forces, Police, PSCO’s and traffic wardens present as to be expected over the days before and during the event.

Rhoose road, Rhoose will be resident permit holders only, as issued by the Local council. There are a small number of places available for other vehicles near the white buildings, both employees of businesses’ present and those who have permits issued to them.

Seventy five places have been allocated to ‘Aircraft Enthusiasts’ on a first come first serve basis. This will include that all important permit if you have a vehicle – if a vehicle is parked anywhere in the vicinity of the Airport White Buildings / Rhoose road, Rhoose without displaying a permit, it will be Ticketed or clamped and released only upon payment of a fee. In certain circumstances, vehicles will be removed at the owners expense. The Local authority are ensuring that several hundred extra car parking spaces are made available during the event and will be arranging signage accordingly.

It is intended to open the Cambrian Café Bar at the following times;

Tuesday – 2nd September 2014 – Normal hours 0900-1600
Wednesday – 3rd September 2014 – 0600-2000
Thursday- 4th September 2014 – 0600-1800
Friday-5th September 2014 – 0800-2000

Tickets are £25 per day for the 3-5th September and are available to purchase each day at our premises with all the necessary details to be taken at the time of purchase. You can buy individual entry on particular days or multiples of days along with the car parking permits – all on a first come first serve basis. Three day tickets will go on sale Saturday/Sunday 23/24th August 2014 – you must turn up in person and bring Photo ID to purchase these tickets.

For those turning up at the premises on each day of the event, tickets will be sold on a first come first serve basis if any remain available. Once the allocated tickets are sold no-one else will be allowed access to the premises. Please do not ring us in advance as this is the only method of sale authorised to take place during the event. The premises will remain open each day of the conference from the times shown above.. No food will be provided in the entrance fee, however those who bring their own food and drink will be removed and have no further access during the event. Any liquids being taken into the premises will be removed and destroyed in accordance with security requirements.

To gain access there is a Police stop check at Rhoose Road and to the entrance at the cafe – Your luggage will be checked for any items deemed a security risk, and you MUST provide photographic ID. (passport/D.Licence). You will not be allowed access otherwise.

Porthkerry Caravan Park

The Vale of Glamorgan Council will be providing parking for enthusiasts at the Porthkerry Caravan Park.  Enthusiasts will be directed to the Porthkerry Caravan park by temporary road signs.

The car park will be open from the following times;

Tuesday – 2nd September 2014 – 14:00
Wednesday – 3rd September 2014 – 0600
Thursday- 4th September 2014 – 0600
Friday-5th September 2014 – 0600

There will be a charge of £3.00 per car.


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