RECRUITMENT: Aircraft Technician Cabin Trimmer, Cardiff Aviation

Must have completed a recognised Aircraft Engineering Training program.

Current in Human Factors, EWIS & FTS.

Recent base maintenance experience working on single aisle aircraft.

Experienced in all aspects of Aircraft Cabin Refreshment activities.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Responsible to his/her nominated supervisor for scheduled/unscheduled maintenance, modification and repair to aircraft as required.
  • Furnishings, rectification and repair including, Tedlar replacement, carpet over-locking, coin-dot replacement, seat and overhead bin adjustment/realignment.
  • The control of any material or Company equipment provided for the task.
  • Required to work in a safe manner and perform other tasks as may be required by his/her Supervisor.
  • Personal tool control and the cleanliness of his/her work area.
  • To identify potential problems and suggest workable solutions.
  • To ensure that he/she complies with responsibilities as defined in CAL company policies and procedures.


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