RECRUITMENT: EASA Part 66 Team Leaders B1 and/or B2, Cardiff Aviation

Must hold current approval on one or more of the following types:

A320 Family

B737 Classic




Key Responsibilities:

  • Ensuring that all technical staff working under his/her supervision carry out their duties in a safe and proper manner, in accordance with the relevant Aircraft Manuals and Cardiff Aviation processes/procedures.
  • Assuming direct control of documentation of aircraft area under his/her control in order that he/she may assure themselves that all required entries are promptly and correctly recorded.
  • Control of the content and priority of non-stock stores demands required by his /her team.
  • Assuming overall responsibility for all trades engaged in work on the area of the aircraft he/she has been allocated.
  • Delivery of the Aircraft in a timely manner as directed by his/her manager.
  • The ground movements of aircraft assigned to him/her by his/her manager.
  • To carry out Performance Development reports on his/her team members.
  • To report all safety/disciplinary matters to his/her Manager.
  • All areas under his supervision are clean and tidy at all times.


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