Football freestyler smashes latest world record while lying on back of a moving car at Cardiff Airport

On the runway at Cardiff International airportA keepy uppy king has broken another world record – and his latest bold challenge involved a moving car and an airport runway.

Professional football freestyler Ash Randall, 25, already has world records including ‘most rope skips in a minute while juggling a football’ and ‘most touches of a football using the soles of the feet in one minute’.

He was last seen performing here in his home city when he made his way around the route of the Cardiff Half Marathon – all while completing keepy uppies.

He may have crossed the line eighth last, in a time of more than four hours, but that achievement spurred him on to pick an even tougher challenge.

Ash said he knew he wanted a car to be involved but wasn’t sure how and then it came to him – he wanted to complete his tricks while lying on the back of the moving car.

He contacted Cardiff Airport on the off-chance they would let him use their runway. When they agreed he went and had a trial a few days before the big challenge.

Then, despite the wind on Saturday afternoon, he took up his position and managed to break the record for the ‘the longest time juggling a football using the soles of the feet on the roof of a moving car’.

He described the feat as his “most outrageous” challenge to date.

The rules set by the adjudicators were that the car had to stay above 10mph and he had to keep the ball in the air for at least 90 seconds.

Ash managed to keep the ball in the air for a total of 93 seconds.

As he completed the challenge he had a bus driving alongside him with camera crews filming his challenge.

Despite five practice runs a cross-wind on the main runway meant the ball kept being pushed away from him. For his main attempt they moved to a side route.

“It was a bit difficult because the wind wasn’t in my favour but we found the right place eventually. It just kept catching me all the time so it was frustrating but it was really exciting.”

His obvious relief can be seen on the video, which Ash will now be sending to adjudicators to be checked.

He already has 13 confirmed world records and is waiting for three more to be verified by Guinness World Records even before his latest stunt is included.

Ash, from Caerau in Cardiff, was inspired to give freestyle football a go after seeing a TV advert where Edgar Davids was performing football skills while talking on the phone.

Years later he took to the stage at a local talent show and from there his skills have been recognised around the world.

His next trip will be next month when he travels to Mumbai to perform his skills there.

“I’ll be looking to do another record out there. I’ll try to make the most of it while I’m there,” he said. “I just don’t know what.”

Sourced by Wales Online


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