Jack’s year of fundraising generates more than £33,000 for Wales Air Ambulance

Conwy half marathonPress Release by Wales Air Ambulance

A young man from Bala whose life was saved by the Wales Air Ambulance following a horrific road accident has raised an incredible £33,000 for the charity thanks to a little help from his friends and family.

Jack Parry, 22, suffered a catalogue of injuries in September 2013 after he was trapped between two buses in a road traffic collision while riding his motorbike close to his home in Llandderfal, near Bala.

But thanks to rapid treatment from the air ambulance’s paramedics, who reached him in just 12 minutes, Jack made a remarkable recovery, leaving hospital just five weeks after the accident.

To thank the paramedics that helped saved his life, Jack, his mum, dada and older brother Lee, pledged to spend the next year raising funds for the lifesaving charity, with friends and family chipping in with money-spinning events of their own.

12 months on, 38 separate fundraising activities, including a sponsored skydive, football match, zipwire dash and marathon runs have raised more than £33,000.

Now Jack has returned to work part-time at Bala Body Repair, re-learning his job as a paint-sprayer using his left hand. He is driving again, enjoying his hobbies of playing darts and going to the gym, and has recently taken up swimming.

Jack said: “Wales Air Ambulance is a fantastic charity, and deserves all the support it gets.

“I’m back at work and recovering well. I’ve just had my seventh and hopefully final operation, which was to remove a metal plate in my shoulder, and it’s thanks to the care I received that I can say that.

“Our last event was a great way to round off the year’s fundraising – we held an auction with loads of donations, including something from pretty much every business in Bala and football shirts from Liverpool and Wales. We raised £7,000 in one night, which was absolutely fantastic – and much deserved for the air ambulance.”

Jack suffered a number of serious injuries in the collision, including fractures to both wrists and thumbs, three separate fractures to his back, a broken clavicle and femur, a full thickness burn to his right leg, a punctured chest and severe nerve damage to his right side.

After receiving treatment from the charity’s paramedics, Jack was rushed by helicopter to the trauma unit at University Hospital of North Staffordshire, Stoke for specialist treatment.

The £33,000 raised far exceeded Jack’s original target of £12,000, which he and his family already thought would be a tough total to meet.

Jack’s mother Karen, who helped co-ordinate the fundraising drive, said: “The support we’ve received has been absolutely amazing.

‘When the campaign was started, our friend suggested a £12,000 target which represented the 12 minutes it took the WAA to get to Jack.

“We didn’t want to put a target because we thought it might look disappointing if we only got part way there, but we’ve had so much support that we’ve gone way beyond that.

“Jack has made amazing progress from life threatening injuries, and we are grateful not only to the Wales Air Ambulance but the everyone that has helped with his recovery.

“As a family we will continue to support the WAA because it is such an important service helping save lives and we are so very grateful that they were able to help save Jack.”

Other events over the last year include a joint husband and wife sponsored head shave, a fundraising dart-a-thon, donations from four people’s birthday parties and collections at three funerals.

Angela Hughes, Wales Air Ambulance’s chief executive, thanked Jack, his friends and family for their support over the last 12 months.

Angela said: “The efforts Jack, his friends and family have gone to have been incredible – their donation has raised enough to fund 22 of our missions.”

Established in 2001, Wales Air Ambulance needs to raise more than £6 million in charitable donations every year to keep its three helicopters flying.

For more information visit walesairambulance.com and @air_ambulance.


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