Jess Fishlock experiences the thrill of being at the controls

JessFishlockPress Release by Cardiff Aviation

International Welsh footballer Jess Fishlock was invited by the BBC to “try something a bit different” for Sport Wales. She took the controls of the 747 simulator, as Captain Paul Jones taught her how to fly a big jet. The whole detail was filmed by the production crew for broadcast next week. Jess has spent a huge number of hours as a passenger in jet aircraft flying all over the world, so she found it fascinating to see what actually happens at the “front end”.

She learnt the basic techniques incredibly quickly, so Paul decided to throw in one of the most challenging manoeuvres a jet pilot can face – an inadvertent thrust reverser deployment on take-off. Jess coped with it extremely well and landed the aircraft. Captain Paul Jones commented afterwards “Her natural flying ability was better than I have seen in some student pilots “. Praise indeed.

The program will be broadcast on BBC2 Wales on Friday the 28th of November at 19.00


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