Ryanair promises early refund on APD for children

Ryanair tailfinChancellor George Osborne this week announced that APD would be scrapped for under-12s travelling on economy flights from May 1, 2015, and for all under-16s from March 2016.

Ryanair said it would instead refund APD for children already booked on UK flights from March 27, 2015, which it claimed would be earlier than any of its competitors who are offering refunds from May 1.

The airline said this move meant that children would be able to fly “tax free” over the Easter holidays next year. APD payments for children under 12 will be refunded when they check-in for their flight on the Ryanair website.

Chief marketing officer Kenny Jacobs said: “While we welcome this partial reduction in APD, we call on the UK government to abolish APD, and allow UK tourism to return to growth and become competitive once more.

“Tourist traffic in Ireland has risen by almost 10% since APD was abolished in April, with the VAT received from the additional tourist spend far exceeding the loss of APD. The UK should follow suit and axe the tax for all.”

Sourced by TTG Digital


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