Consumers to spend more on their 2015 holidays, Abta report reveals

By Sophie Griffiths,

Consumer confidence is slowly returning to the holiday market with 20% of consumers planning to spend more on their holidays in 2015, the latest Abta Travel Trends 2015 Report has revealed.

The travel body, which developed its report in association with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, noted that affluent customers were “breaking away from the cautious optimism that had dominated the market for the last couple of years”.

Abta added that although this group remained small, it looked set to “drive some growth in the travel industry in 2015”. In 2014, people took an average of 3.0 holidays per person, however those in social class ‘A’ took 4.7 holidays per person. This is a marked increase from 2013, Abta noted, when this group took 3.6 holidays per person and is likely to continue into 2015.

With regard to destinations, the report acknowledged that British holidaymakers had spend the last few years “playing it safe” for the last few years with their holiday choices. However it said that many people are planning to explore new destinations in 2015 , with over a third (35%) think they will take a holiday to a country they have never been to before.

City breaks overtook beach holidays as the most popular type of holiday in 2014, and are expected to hold this top spot into 2015, with 43% of people planning a city break, and 42% planning a beach holiday.

The travel association has also compiled a list of destinations to watch, which are likely to prove popular in 2015. Top of this list is Austria, followed by Botswana, Cuba, the Dominican Republic and Japan.

At number six is Latvia, and then La Gomera, Norway, Pacific Coast of the US, Singapore the Netherlands and in twelfth place, the Peloponnese in Greece, where Abta is set to hold its 2015 Travel Convention.

Commenting, Mark Tanzer, Abta chief executive said: “We do expect to see the slow but steady signs of recovery that have been characteristic of 2014 continue into next year.

“We are seeing strong growth from the most affluent end of the market and we expect this to drive interest in luxury and tailor made packages. The rest of the market remains resilient with value for money continuing to be a priority. Holidaymakers want their holiday to work hard for them, whether that’s by offering new experiences, combining different destinations or simply delivering great value.”

Michael Vibert, head of consular communications at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office added: “This year’s Abta report notes that British nationals will be doing more to make the most of their holidays abroad in the next twelve months.  With many travellers set to visit unfamiliar destinations and fit in as many activities as possible, it’s more important than ever to plan and prepare fully.”

Sourced by TTG Digital


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