Passengers failing to claim for flight delays, new survey reveals

Almost four in ten air travel passengers have experienced flight delays in the last two years but many are failing to claim compensation, according to a new study.

Airlines - strike

Consumer association Which? surveyed 7,729 of its members to find out how they had been affected by delays.

The results showed that more than a fifth of respondents had been held up by more than three hours. However only 38% claimed the compensation they were entitled to.

Just under half said they would be happy to pay up to £50  ore for a £250 flight if the airline had an excellent rather than average punctuality record.

Separately Which? also analysed data from the CAA on flight delays for nine airlines.

It found that Flybe was the least delayed airline with an average delay of 10 minutes, well below the industry standard of “on time”, which covers anything between early and 15 minutes late.

Thomas Cook Airlines and Monarch were the worst offenders and failed to meet the industry standard of “on time”. They had average delay times of 18 minutes and 17 minutes respectively.

According to Which? the most delayed routes to the UK are a Thomson Airways flight from Sanford in Florida to Gatwick, a flight from Chambery in France to Manchester and Thomson Airways flight from Montego Bay in Jamaica to Gatwick, which all had average delays of over one hour.

Which? Travel editor Jill Starley-Graingersaid “Nobody wants to be held up by flight delays so airlines must do everything in their power to ensure they fly on time.

“If you’ve suffered a flight delay of more than three hours you could be entitled to compensation.”

Sourced by TTG Digital


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