Divers discover cockpit voice recorder of crashed AirAsia flight QZ8501

An AirAsia A320 at Kuala Lumpur airport

An AirAsia A320 at Kuala Lumpur airport

By Sophie Griffiths,

Divers have retrieved the cockpit voice recorder from the crashed AirAsia flight QZ8501.

The device records all the conversations which take place between pilots. Its discovery comes a day after the flight data recorder was discovered and brought to shore.

It is hoped that the two devices will help investigators understand more about what happened to the aircraft, which disappeared from radar on December 28, with 162 people onboard.

Forty-eight bodies have so far been recovered,  but most of the victims are still thought to be inside the fuselage, which was located by divers around 1.5km from where the tail section was found last week.

The voice recorder was found underneath heavy wreckage of a wing at a depth of around 30 metres early on Tuesday, a sea navigation director at the Transportation Ministry said.

“This is good news for investigators to reveal the cause of the plane crash,” he told the BBC.

The flight data recorder, which holds information about the speed at which the plane was travelling as well as its altitude and technical information, is already in the capital.

Sourced by TTG Digital

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