Ryanair has change in tack over international expansion

Ryanair is in talks with London Stansted Airport about how to work with long-haul airlines to provide European connections for international flights.

The airline believes its improved image will help it form partnerships with established long-haul airlines to help boost Stansted’s flight international network and passenger numbers.

The airport is looking to expand through transatlantic routes and flights to the Middle East.

Ryanair believes in five to 10 years time, major airlines like British Airways and Air France will call on low-cost airlines, like itself and easyJet, to do their short-haul feeds.

This would allow the big carriers to focus on their high yielding long-haul business, it said.

Ryanair chief executive Michael O’Leary said the only issue would be who would pay compensation to passengers who missed a connecting flight.

Some industry observers said this change in direction signals the end of Ryanair’s own plans to launch a long-haul operation.

Last September, O’Leary said he would be disappointed if Ryanair didn’t launch transatlantic flights within five to 10 years.

The latest plans were unveiled as Ryanair confirmed six new routes from Stansted.

Sourced by Travelmole


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