Dubai takes spot for air traffic from Heathrow

By Tom Newcome,

Dubai International has secured its position as the number one airport for international passenger numbers.

The United Arab Emirates airport said around 70.4 million passengers passed through the airport last year, this is up 6.1 per cent from 2013 and takes over from Heathrow which recorded 68.1 million passengers.

This followed “robust” passenger growth of 7.5 per cent in December with 6.5 million passengers passing through the airport last month.

A spokesperson for Heathrow airport told the BBC that because of a lack of capacity it was only a matter of time before it lost top spot to Dubai.

“Britain has benefited from being home to the world’s largest port or airport for the last 350 years. But lack of capacity at Heathrow means we have inevitably lost our crown to Dubai,” she said.

Dubai airport’s chairman Sheikh Ahmed Al Maktoum, said: “The shared goal is to make Dubai a global centre of aviation and we are nearing that goal thanks to an open skies policy, a friendly business environment, Dubai’s growing attractiveness as a centre for trade, commerce and tourism, growing network connectivity due to the rapid expansion of Emirates and flydubai and timely investment in aviation infrastructure.”

Earlier this month, Dubai International’s CEO Paul Griffiths warned Heathrow that its on-going capacity problems mean the UK’s largest airport can no longer compete on international services.

Sourced by bbt


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