‘Has Cardiff Airport buy-out been worth it?’ AMs will ask today

'Has Cardiff Airport buy-out been worth it?' AMs will ask todayby Jen Mills

AMs will debate today whether there has been an improvement since the Welsh Government took over Cardiff Airport.

The Tory-sponsored debate will demand progress following a £3 million plan to increase the number of destinations reached from the airport.

Conservatives said it was unclear whether any of this money was used to secure the single annual flight to Florida or the proposed new route to Norwich.

But a Welsh Government spokesperson said the fund wasn’t even available yet: “Our investment in Cardiff Airport is an investment for the long-term benefit of Wales.

“Securing new routes is a long-term process. The Conservatives need to show some patience, especially when demanding to see the results of a £3m loan that will not be available until next financial year.”

In an Assembly debate, AMs will ask the Welsh Government to publish a current market valuation of Cardiff Airport and publish a comprehensive long-term strategy for the future of the airport, including the possibility of returning it to the private sector.

Byron Davies AM, Shadow Minister for Transport, said: “We disagreed with Labour’s decision to spend £52million buying Cardiff Airport, but now it is state-owned, Labour Ministers should work with it to expand routes, improve the passenger experience and then return it to the private sector.

“Millions of pounds of public money have been put into a route development fund, but we need evidence that this money is delivering results and value for money for hard-pressed taxpayers.”

Sourced by South Wales Argus

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