London City to boost capacity by 50% in £200m scheme

British Airways London City

London City Airport is set to increase its capacity by more than 50% after a £200 million development was given the go-ahead by planners.

The airport can now commence work on an expansion programme which will allow it to handle 111,000 flights a year, up from its present 70,000.

However, the agreement rules out any further expansion, with the airport’s ultimate cap on potential flights reduced from 120,000 to 111,000.

Other conditions that Newham council’s strategic development committee have placed on the development include a cap of six million passengers per year and maximum of 45 noise-factored flights per hour.

The airport has also agreed to a number of noise restrictions as the building work goes on.

The work is predicted to be completed by 2023 and as well as providing additional short-haul aviation capacity will create 1,500 new jobs with a further 500 during construction.

Declan Collier, chief executive of London City Airport, said: “The development of the airport will culminate in 2023 when, having constructed seven new aircraft stands, a parallel taxiway and terminal extensions to the west and to the east, the airport will be welcoming some six million passengers every year.”

Chairman of the committee, Councillor Lester Hudson, said: “It was a fine balance for the Committee to make the decision considering the amount of disruption that the construction will cause to residents.

“Additional measures have been secured through this planning application which will mitigate the disruption during construction and aircraft noise after completion.

“We have also been assured that through the reduction in actual flight numbers to 111,000 a year we are also ensuring a reduction in the potential amount of air and noise pollution residents would have been faced with. This will be closely monitored.”

Sourced by TTG Digital


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