Ryanair calls on high fare airlines to drop fuel surcharges

getAsset.aspxBy Phil Davies,

Airlines such as British Airways and Virgin Atlantic have been urged by Ryanair to drop fuel surcharges and pass on savings from falling oil prices to customers.

The low-cost carrier is urging UK consumers not to pay unnecessary charges by avoiding high fare airlines.

Ryanair is also calling on all airlines operating in the UK, including Flybe, Jet 2, Monarch, Thomson and Thomas Cook, to confirm they do not impose fuel surcharges on customers.

Chief marketing officer, Kenny Jacobs, said: “It’s grossly unfair on consumers that high fare airlines such as BA and Virgin continue to charge fuel surcharges, squeezing customers for every last drop.

“As oil prices continually fall, these savings should be passed on to customers.

“Our advice is simple – don’t let these high fare airlines hold you over a barrel.”

He added: “Ryanair guarantees no fuel surcharges ever and we’ll continue to lower air fares for UK customers, as millions more Britons choose to fly Ryanair.

“We call on all airlines operating in the UK to confirm to that they don’t impose fuel surcharges on their customers.”

Sourced by Travel Weekly

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