Ryanair sticks to short-haul – and continues to mull a holiday offering

Ryanair will continue to focus on growing its share of the short-haul market rather than looking at launching long-haul routes.

A Ryanair aircraft stands on the Tarmac in the rain

Speaking on the day the no-frills airline unveiled its third-quarter results, chief financial officer Neil Sorahan said tightening the firm’s grip on the European market remained a priority.

The carrier will use its new order of Boeing 737-800s to launch new routes and bolster frequencies. It will also take up to 200 new Boeing 737 MAX 200 jets from 2019.

“We’ve got a lot we can achieve in Europe just growing organically. We have 15% of the market share… over the next five to 10 years we can see that increasing to more than 20% of the market,” said Sorahan.

“There’s a lot to do with those aircraft in Europe itself. If we were to look at long-haul, and that’s some way away, then you’re looking for larger jets than we have today.”

Sorahan also reiterated Ryanair’s desire to develop a dedicated holiday offering.

“The Ryanair ‘labs’ team is fully operational – it is looking at lots of different ideas, and that’s potentially one,” he said.

In November, Ryanair announced a tie-up with accommodation portal Booking.com, and it also has an agreement with car rental firm Hertz.

“I’ve no doubt in time we’ll come up with some way of packaging and taking even more stress out of it [booking a holiday],” Sorahan added.

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