TransAsia pilots suspended after safety tests

TransAsia pilots suspended after safety testsAlmost 30 pilots working for Taiwanese airline TransAsia are reported to have been suspended after failing or missing safety tests a week after a fatal crash.

The airline said the results were not acceptable and promised to improve the training of its pilots.

Regulators ordered the tests after a TransAsia ATR aircraft crashed in Taipei, killing at least 42 people.

The country’s aviation regulator said that out of 68 pilots, 10 failed oral proficiency tests designed to show how they would handle an emergency.

Nineteen were unable to take the test because of sickness or travel, and were suspended until they could take it, the BBC reported.

“The result is not acceptable for us,” TransAsia chief executive Peter Chen said. “We will definitely strengthen their training.”

The airline has offered $470,000 in compensation to the family of each victim.

Taiwanese media said all the families had rejected the offer.

TransAsia made similar payouts to families of passengers killed in another crash last July.

Sourced from Travel Weekly


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