Cambrian Flying Club evening lecture – Morse Code

Cambrian Flying ClubOn the 12th of March everyone is invited to Cambrian Flying Club’s latest evening lecture.

The lecture will be an informative evening on the use of Morse code.  Following a short introduction, individuals will be able to take part in a practice session. The evening will be interesting and informative, with plenty of tea and chances to ask questions.

Navigational aids such as VORs and NDBs send out their identifying letters via Morse code, so learning some Morse code can be useful! See below for details on how to attend.

Date: 12th March
Time: 19:00 start
Venue: Cambrian Flying Club, Swansea Airport
Price: £3 on the door

After receiving such a positive response to the last evening lecture, we ask that if you want to attend, let us know by either calling – 01792 205688 or emailing

Everyone is welcome!

Chair of Cardiff Airport Lord Rowe-Beddoe says direct routes to the US and Middle East still very much on the radar

Chairman of Cardiff Airport Lord Rowe-Beddoe

By Sion Barry,

Chairman of Cardiff Airport Lord Rowe-Beddoe said the airport is still hopeful of landing a direct route into a hub airport in the Middle East, as well as a scheduled service to the US.

On the Flybe announcement Lord Rowe-Beddoe, a former chairman of the Wales Millennium Centre and the WDA said:”This is quite an expansion and is something that the Welsh public wants… which is greater choice and frequency from an airline which is recognised for offering such good value.

“And just as importantly we also have an opportunity to bring more people into Wales.”

Eight of the 11 routes have never be serviced before by Flybe from any of its UK bases.

And he believes it could provide the impetus for other airlines to expand or invest in Cardiff. Lord Rowe-Beddoe said: “I really think this can be the spark. Vueling has been doing very well and building.”

Despite the UK Government ruling out Air Passenger Duty being devolved to Wales in the near future in its announcement on further devolved powers last week, Lord Rowe-Beddoe believes it is far from dead in the water and has constantly called for the in the House of Lords that Wales be given powers to vary the tax on all types of flights, not just on long-haul.

Talks with Emirates Airline

Lord Rowe-Beddoe said: It is a typical example of this crazy asymmetric devolution that exists in the UK. The Scots are going to have it [APD] and Northern Ireland have it on longhaul.

“Some say it has been kicked into the long grass, but I don’t think it is going to stay there for one minute.”

Lord Rowe-Beddoe said Cardiff, along with other airports in the UK, were continuing to talk to airlines such as Emirates, with a view to a direct service into a hub airport in the Middle East.

He said: “It is still very much a live lead and we are pursuing it very ardently.

“We also have an excellent hub via Amsterdam to the world, as well as to the US from Dublin.

“However,at the end of day there is nothing better than having a direct long-haul [from Cardiff] to the Middle East and to America as well. These are things we are negotiating on.”

Sourced by Wales Online

A closer look at Flybe and their new routes from Cardiff Airport


Chief executive of Flybe Saad Hammad & Chair of Cardiff Airport Lord Rowe-Beddoe

On 5th March 2015 Flybe confirmed a major expansion at Cardiff Airport with new routes and announcing that the airport will become it’s newest base with two aircraft in a 10 year deal.

The first of the two based 118 seat Embraer 195 regional jets will arrive in June with the second arriving in Septemeber.

The new routes will be Cork, Dublin, Edinburgh, Faro, Glasgow, Milan, Munich & Paris and will add to the existing services to Belfast City and seasonal flights to Jersey, Dusseldorf & Geneva.

The chief executive of low-cost airline Flybe, Saad Hammad, said the aim was to get as quickly as possible to a desired 400,000 annual passenger level from its new routes out of Cardiff Airport.

Speaking at Cardiff Airport Mr Hammad said: “We are targeting 400,000 incremental passengers annually.”

It is understood that Flybe’s current passenger occupancy rate on its existing network is in the mid 70% range.

As for a time frame to get to the desirable 400,000 passenger mark Mr Hammad said: “That is our vision and we want to get there as quickly as possible.

“We are doing business and sun routes and importantly cities such as Paris and Dublin. So we think it is a really good combination of business and leisure, both for the local community but also to draw traffic into Wales.

“Wales is brilliant for leisure and one of the most beautiful parts of the UK. It is also great in terms of inward business investment, so I think it is a win win all round.”

On the potential for adding further new routes in the future Mr Hammad said: “Absolutely. We will see how we go to get to that occupancy and traffic flows, but the beauty of what we do is that it isn’t a finite thing and if it goes well we want to build on success.

“So the sooner that we get to the kind of volumes we are looking for the better.”

The Aircraft

Although Flybe will have two Embraer 190 aircraft based at Cardiff Airport some flights will be operate by non-based Bombardier Dash8-Q400.

Wales Air Forum will tell you a little more on the aircraft below.

BE Q400 G-JEDW 28FEB15 - Phil Woods

Flybe Bombardier Dash8-Q400 at Cardiff Airport Image taken by Phil Woods

Bombardier Dash8-Q400

The Bombardier Dash 8-Q400 twin-engined, medium range, turboprop aircraft produced by Bombardier Aerospace.

The aircraft is powered by two Pratt & Whitney Canada PW100 engines and carries up to 78 passengers in a 2 x 2 seat configuration.

Flybe Dash8-Q400 Seat Map


Flybe Embraer 195 at Cardiff Airport Image taken by Phil Woods

Embraer 195

The Embraer 195 is a narrow-body medium-range twin-engined jet aircraft produced by Embraer.

The aircraft is powered by two GE CF34-10E engines and carries up to 118 passengers in a 2x 2 seat configuration.

Flybe E190 Seat Map

The Routes

Information supplied by Wales Online


The city has been reinventing itself for sometime as a great destination for food and drink and it hosts the second biggest arts festival in the UK. The tourism figures are showing the upward trend for the Northern Irish city. Plus, all this development is being helped by the fans of Game of Thrones flocking to visit locations used in the hit show.

Belfast tourism site:

Cardiff (CWL) to Belfast City (BHD)
Flight No Dep Arr Days Dates
BE282 11:40 12:55 Sa 03-Oct-15 24-Oct-15
BE282 11:40 12:55 Sa 18-Apr-15 25-Apr-15
BE282 12:35 13:50 M T W T F 30-Mar-15 23-Oct-15
BE282 14:05 15:20 M T T F 05-Mar-15 27-Mar-15
BE282 14:35 15:50 Sa 02-May-15 26-Sep-15
BE282 16:55 18:10 Su 08-Mar-15 18-Oct-15
BE282 17:15 18:30 Sa 11-Apr-15 11-Apr-15
BE282 17:20 18:35 Sa 07-Mar-15 28-Mar-15
Belfast City (BHD) to Cardiff (CWL)
Flight No Dep Arr Days Dates
BE281 10:00 11:15 Sa 07-Mar-15 24-Oct-15
BE281 10:55 12:10 M T W T F 30-Mar-15 23-Oct-15
BE281 12:25 13:40 M T T F 05-Mar-15 27-Mar-15
BE281 15:15 16:30 Su 08-Mar-15 18-Oct-15


The compact city is crammed full of great architecture and fantastic foodie options. The Venice of Ireland is built on waterways and the city centre is an island in the River Lee. Close to Cork is Kinsale, the gourmet capital of Ireland, and also nearby is the kissable Blarney Stone.

Belfast tourism site:

Cardiff (CWL) to Cork (ORK)
Flight No Dep Arr Days Dates
BE4541 06:50 07:55 Sa 05-Sep-15 24-Oct-15
BE4541 13:50 14:55 Sa 06-Jun-15 29-Aug-15
BE4541 15:10 16:15 T 01-Sep-15 20-Oct-15
Cork (ORK) to Cardiff (CWL)
Flight No Dep Arr Days Dates
BE4542 08:25 09:20 Sa 05-Sep-15 24-Oct-15
BE4542 15:25 16:20 Sa 06-Jun-15 29-Aug-15
BE4542 16:45 17:40 T 01-Sep-15 20-Oct-15


An easy city to navigate on foot. There is more to the city than Guinness, but a visit to the factory is a must for most visitors. Not only do you learn everything about how a pint of the black stuff, but you can enjoy a complimentary one as well. There are plenty of museums and galleries, and for family fun there is the National Aquatic Centre.

Dublin tourism site:

Cardiff (CWL) to Dublin (DUB)
Flight No Dep Arr Days Dates
BE4515 06:30 07:30 Sa 05-Sep-15 24-Oct-15
BE4515 07:00 08:00 M T W T F 31-Aug-15 23-Oct-15
BE4517 20:10 21:10 M T W T F Su 01-Jun-15 04-Sep-15
BE4517 20:10 21:10 M T W T F 06-Sep-15 23-Oct-15
BE4517 20:40 21:40 Su 07-Jun-15 30-Aug-15
Dublin (DUB) to Cardiff (CWL)
Flight No Dep Arr Days Dates
BE4516 08:00 09:05 Sa 05-Sep-15 24-Oct-15
BE4516 08:30 09:35 M T W T F 31-Aug-15 23-Oct-15
BE4518 21:40 22:45 M T W T F Su 06-Sep-15 23-Oct-15
BE4518 21:40 22:45 M T W T F 01-Jun-15 04-Sep-15
BE4518 22:10 23:10 Su 07-Jun-15 30-Aug-15


The German city is a must for culture lovers, with 100 galleries, 26 museums and an opera house. Dusseldorf is a great destination for shopaholics. And after all that cultural and retail therapy you can head to the old town with its 260 bars and restaurants in a half mile square area.

Dusseldorf tourism site:

Cardiff (CWL) to Dusseldorf (DUS)
Flight No Dep Arr Days Dates
BE4533 10:15 12:40 M W F 31-Aug-15 02-Oct-15
BE7053 15:25 18:10 Sa 25-Apr-15 03-Oct-15
Dusseldorf (DUS) to Cardiff (CWL)
Flight No Dep Arr Days Dates
BE4534 13:10 13:55 M W F 31-Aug-15 02-Oct-15
BE7052 14:15 15:00 Sa 25-Apr-15 03-Oct-15


Flights to the Scottish capital from the Welsh capital are nothing new, but they will now be more frequent. During the annual festival the city comes alive, and a New Year’s Eve in the city should be on everyone’s list of things to do before they die. But whatever time of the year you come there is always something to see or do.

Edinburgh tourism site:

Cardiff (CWL) to Edinburgh (EDI)
Flight No Dep Arr Days Dates
BE4501 06:30 07:40 M T W T F 31-Aug-15 23-Oct-15
BE4501 06:45 07:55 M T W T F Sa 01-Jun-15 29-Aug-15
BE4501 07:00 08:10 Su 06-Sep-15 18-Oct-15
BE4501 09:45 10:55 Sa 05-Sep-15 24-Oct-15
BE4503 16:20 17:30 Su 06-Sep-15 18-Oct-15
BE4501 16:45 17:55 Su 07-Jun-15 30-Aug-15
BE4503 19:05 20:15 M T W T F 31-Aug-15 23-Oct-15
Edinburgh (EDI) to Cardiff (CWL)
Flight No Dep Arr Days Dates
BE4502 08:20 09:35 M T W T F 31-Aug-15 23-Oct-15
BE4502 08:35 09:50 M T W T F Sa 01-Jun-15 29-Aug-15
BE4502 08:40 09:55 Su 06-Sep-15 18-Oct-15
BE4502 11:25 12:40 Sa 05-Sep-15 24-Oct-15
BE4505 18:15 19:30 Su 06-Sep-15 18-Oct-15
BE4502 18:40 19:55 Su 07-Jun-15 30-Aug-15
BE4505 20:45 22:00 M T W T F 31-Aug-15 23-Oct-15


For a bit of sun there is Portugal’s southern gem. The capital city of the Algarve region is full of beautiful architecture, marina, parks and plazas. There are plenty of beaches nearby.

Faro tourism site:

Cardiff (CWL) to Faro (FAO)
Flight No Dep Arr Days Dates
BE4530 06:30 09:00 Su 07-Jun-15 18-Oct-15
BE4530 10:05 12:35 F 04-Sep-15 23-Oct-15
BE4530 13:20 15:50 Sa 05-Sep-15 24-Oct-15
BE4530 13:50 16:20 T 04-Jun-15 27-Aug-15
BE4530 16:50 19:20 Sa 06-Jun-15 29-Aug-15
Faro (FAO) to Cardiff (CWL)
Flight No Dep Arr Days Dates
BE4531 09:40 12:15 Su 07-Jun-15 18-Oct-15
BE4531 13:15 15:50 F 04-Sep-15 23-Oct-15
BE4531 16:30 19:05 Sa 05-Sep-15 24-Oct-15
BE4531 17:05 19:40 T 04-Jun-15 27-Aug-15
BE4531 20:00 22:35 Sa 06-Jun-15 29-Aug-15


Since the 1980s the Scottish city has been rebuilding its reputation – becoming a European City of Culture, fa City of Architecture and Design, and Unesco City of Music. And it is the music scene that is a big draw to the city.

Glasgow tourism site:

Cardiff (CWL) to Glasgow (GLA)
Flight No Dep Arr Days Dates
BE4509 10:05 11:15 M T W T 31-Aug-15 22-Oct-15
BE4509 10:20 11:30 T W T Sa 02-Jun-15 29-Aug-15
BE4509 12:45 13:55 Su 06-Sep-15 18-Oct-15
Glasgow (GLA) to Cardiff (CWL)
Flight No Dep Arr Days Dates
BE4510 11:45 13:00 M T W T 31-Aug-15 22-Oct-15
BE4510 12:00 13:15 T W T Sa 02-Jun-15 29-Aug-15
BE4510 14:25 15:40 Su 06-Sep-15 18-Oct-15


The Island is only nine miles by five, and while that makes it the biggest Channel Island it also makes it very easy to navigate. The War Tunnels are a fascinating trip, along with the castles Mont Orgueil and Elizabeth.

Jeresy tourism site:

Cardiff (CWL) to Jersey (JER)
Flight No Dep Arr Days Dates
BE4507 10:30 11:15 M F 01-Jun-15 28-Aug-15
BE1345 11:40 12:35 Sa 02-May-15 26-Sep-15
BE4507 18:40 19:25 Sa 05-Sep-15 26-Sep-15
BE4507 20:00 20:45 Su 06-Sep-15 20-Sep-15
Jersey (JER) to Cardiff (CWL)
Flight No Dep Arr Days Dates
BE4508 11:45 12:35 M F 01-Jun-15 28-Aug-15
BE1346 13:15 14:10 Sa 02-May-15 26-Sep-15
BE4508 19:55 20:45 Sa 05-Sep-15 26-Sep-15
BE4508 21:15 22:05 Su 06-Sep-15 20-Sep-15


The Bravian city has something for everyone. But a lot of people associate it with one month in particular: October. Oktoberfest brings thousands to the city, but there is far more to it than the annual beer festival, from castles and palaces, to parks and plazas.

Munich tourism site:

Cardiff (CWL) to Munich (MUC)
Flight No Dep Arr Days Dates
BE4537 09:50 12:45 Sa 05-Sep-15 24-Oct-15
BE4537 14:10 17:05 M W T F 31-Aug-15 23-Oct-15
Munich (MUC) to Cardiff (CWL)
Flight No Dep Arr Days Dates
BE4538 13:15 14:15 Sa 05-Sep-15 24-Oct-15
BE4538 17:35 18:35 M W T F 31-Aug-15 23-Oct-15


A fashionistas playground. The Italian city all about the trendy shops and the designer clobber on offer. There is also the gothic Cathedral and La Scala Opera. Plus you can always take in a game at the San Siro.

Milan tourism site:

Cardiff (CWL) to Milan Malpensa (MXP)
Flight No Dep Arr Days Dates
BE4535 10:05 13:05 T T 01-Sep-15 22-Oct-15
BE4535 10:35 13:35 Su 06-Sep-15 18-Oct-15
BE4535 14:00 17:00 T 02-Jun-15 25-Aug-15
Milan Malpensa (MXP) to Cardiff (CWL)
Flight No Dep Arr Days Dates
BE4536 13:45 14:50 T T 01-Sep-15 22-Oct-15
BE4536 14:15 15:20 Su 06-Sep-15 18-Oct-15
BE4536 17:40 18:45 T 02-Jun-15 25-Aug-15


The City of Light. The City of Love. Whatever you want to call it a great weekend destination with so much to do. Cardiff Airport has had flights to Paris for a while but the Flybe flights will add to the frequency.

Paris tourism site:

Cardiff (CWL) to Paris Charles de Gaulle (CDG)
Flight No Dep Arr Days Dates
BE4512 15:00 17:20 Sa 05-Sep-15 24-Oct-15
BE4512 16:20 18:40 M W F 01-Jun-15 28-Aug-15
BE4512 16:25 18:45 M T W T F Su 31-Aug-15 23-Oct-15
Paris Charles de Gaulle (CDG) to Cardiff (CWL)
Flight No Dep Arr Days Dates
BE4513 15:50 16:00 Su 07-Jun-15 30-Aug-15
BE4513 18:00 18:10 Sa 05-Sep-15 24-Oct-15
BE4513 19:20 19:30 M T W T F Su 01-Sep-15 23-Oct-15
BE4513 19:20 19:30 M W F 01-Jun-15 31-Aug-15

Budget airlines’ numbers reveal mixed fortunes

Thomas Cook chief dismisses talk of airline disposal

By Ian Taylor,

Thomas Cook head of airlines and hotels Christoph Debus has dismissed a recent report that the group discussed selling its airline and defended the record of former chief executive Harriet Green.

Referring to a Sunday Times report last month that Cook was looking to offload its airlines through a joint venture or sale, Debus told Travel Weekly: “I never talked to the investor mentioned [in the article].

“We are definitely not desperate to sell our airline. There were no talks. There is no real news.”

He said: “Harriet asked at the beginning ‘Do we need our airline?’ She realised quickly we have a board able to run an airline successfully.

“We see our selves [Thomas Cook airlines] as a fully integrated part of the group “Our strategy is to create synergies by bringing our airlines together. A pure airline operation does not really make much sense.”

Green left Thomas Cook abruptly late last year and the group is now headed by chief executive Peter Fankhauser.

Debus said: “Harriet was extremely strong in what she did in the first year of transformation.

“She was the perfect person for the job at the time. She did an amazing job.

“I was her first hire. She was a very demanding boss but she taught me a lot. It was always clear she would move on.”

He said: “Peter [Fankhauser] is very experienced in transformation too, but he has also focused on the operations. This is a difference.”

Sourced by Travel Weekly

Flybe confirms new 11 route network and base at Cardiff Airport

logo-flybePress Release by Flybe

Europe’s largest regional airline, Flybe, has announced it is to create a new base at Cardiff Airport this summer in a move which will see 11 routes, 50 new jobs created and over half a million extra seats on sale from Wales’ national airport.

The new network includes flights to existing routes between Cardiff and Belfast, Düsseldorf and Jersey, plus new routes between Cardiff and Cork, Dublin, Edinburgh, Faro, Glasgow, Munich, Milan and Paris.

Seats will go on sale on Friday 6th March at, with fares available from £24.99 one way.

Two of the airline’s 118-seat Embraer 195 aircraft will be based at the Airport: the first from 1 June 2015, the second arriving on 1 September 2015. Jobs will include flight crew and ground handling staff.

The announcement follows the signing of a long-term agreement between Flybe and Cardiff Airport.

Saad Hammad, CEO, Flybe said: “We are delighted to launch these exciting new routes from Cardiff Airport. We have been looking to find a productive home for our surplus E195 aircraft and we are delighted at this agreement with Cardiff Airport which involves us basing two of these jets there to serve the Welsh market with great value fares and further improving UK regional connectivity.”

Lord Rowe-Beddoe, Chairman, Cardiff Airport, said: “Our customers want greater choice in routes, more frequent services and better value flights. This new Flybe base is most welcome news for our passengers as it will bring new destinations and increased services from a popular great-value airline, as well as creating opportunities to encourage more visitors to come to Wales.”

First Minister of Wales Carwyn Jones said: Flybe’s announcement that it is opening a new base operating 11 routes from Cardiff Airport is fantastic news. We’ve always said that we want the airport to be a gateway to Wales, as something that will drive our economy by bringing tourists and business to the country. We’ve already invested in improving the overall customer experience at Cardiff Airport and the new routes to major European destinations, as well as the creation of 50 new jobs, demonstrates Flybe’s commitment to the Airport and will help to make it the success we know it can be.”


 About Cardiff Airport

Flybe currently operates services to Belfast City, Geneva and Jersey from Cardiff Airport. Over 50 direct routes are available from Cardiff Airport with more than 900 destinations available with connections.

The Airport directly supports over 1700 jobs in South Wales and forms part of the Welsh Government’s Cardiff Airport – St Athan Enterprise Zone.

To find out more about destinations from Cardiff visit

Major boost for Cardiff Airport with airline Flybe to announce 10 new routes including to Munich, Paris and Milan

By Sion Barry,

Flybe is understood to be on the verge of announcement 10 new routes from Cardiff

Airline Flybe is expected to announce a significant expansion of its routes out of Cardiff Airport tomorrow morning in a move that will provide a huge boost to passenger numbers.

The airline, currently operates a Cardiff to Belfast route and from April will launch a new summer season once a week service to Dusseldorf.

However, in a major vote of confidence in Cardiff, it has Flybe's new routes from Cardiff Airportagreed to locate two aircraft at the Rhoose-based airport.

Flybe’s new routes from Cardiff Airport

It is understood that it is making a long-term commitment to the airport in an investment being supported by the Welsh Government.

Details of the new routes will be revealed tomorrow by Flybe, which is listed on the London Stock Market.

However, they are understood to be:

Cork, Dublin, Edinburgh, Faro, Geneva, Glasgow International, Jersey, Milan Malpensa, Munich and Charles De Gaulle Aiprort in Paris.

The routes to Dublin, Munich and Paris, will provide connecting flights to destinations globally including to key business markets in North America and the Far East for the Welsh business community.

Some of the new routes, including Dublin, will have daily flights, while others will be less frequent.

Combined the new routes should comfortably add a six figure boost to the airport’s annual passenger numbers.

The airport in 2014 handled just over one million passengers.

Cardiff Airport declined to comment.

WalesOnline contacted Flybe, but is still awaiting a response.

Sourced by Wales Online