STATS: APR 2014 PAX UP 7% ON 2013

April 2014.


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“April saw passengers up 7.2% and flights up 7.1% on April 2013 – this was helped by the much later Easter in 2014 against 2013. Rolling year is now at an increase of 9.8% in passengers and 6.3% in flights. I will be watching this closely in the coming months because the percentage increase in flights is slowly catching up with percentage increase in passengers. We don’t want to be in a situation where the percentage increase in flights is much greater than the increase in passengers – this would indicate passengers aren’t growing inline with increase in flights. We want the current flights to get busier before further services are added.

Destinations that are up are ALC up 57%, AMS up 7% (another month 10K + pax – around 4 extra people per flight compared to last year), BCN up 17%, BHD up 21%, DUB up 12%, AGP up 57%, PFO up 14% and TFS up 41% (additional rotation a week). Routes in the red are VLY down 7%, ACE down 2%, EDI down 33%, GLA down 21%, LPA down 3%, NCL/ABZ down 2% and SSH down 23%.

April was the first full month of all 4 WX routes EDI, GLA, JER and ORY – each route achieved 29 PAX (57%), 25 PAX (51%), 20 PAX (40%) and 31 PAX (62%) respectively. These aren’t bad results (particularly for EDI considering it was the first month of EDI ops), however, this will need to improve over coming months – but it is still early days. VY returned with BCN achieving 70% loads which is better than previous years with improved Friday and Sunday flight times. ALC and AGP achieved loads of 82% and 74% respectively – slightly disappointing for Easter time – but all three routes saw growth. April was the last of the Ski flights for BE with Geneva and Chambery having loads of 71% and 52% – unfortunately it does look like none of the ski routes are returning for next winter. These were always going to be difficult to sell with such a short lead in time (2 months). There was also 3 charter destinations – FUE, GOA (P&O cruises) and MCO (TCX charter) which saw loads of 65%, 100% and 94% – slight disappointment at FUE with a B757-200 being used and achieving just 152 passengers.

Overall, a good month for CWL – roll on summer.”



March 14.

Stats are now on the WAF site. Click here to view.

March saw passengers up 3.3% with flights up 4.7%. Rolling year now stands at 1,079,559 passengers up 8.5% and flights up 5.2%. These figures are helped by the much later Easter this year but this month did see several cancelations due to the weather.

Many routes saw growth – ABZ up 15%, AMS up 5%, ALC up 100%, DUB up 4%, EDI up 4%, AGP up 105% and SSH up 15%. AMS had the most seats on offer (helped by the E190) of 14,720 followed by EDI and AGP at 10,987 and 6,641 respectively. Routes such as BHD, GLA and NCL saw decreases with -45% and -29% respectively. GLA will be due to WX taking over the route. March is the first full month of WX operations with GLA and ORY seeing average loads of 25 and 29 respectively, which is fairly encoraging. I expect to see EDI route loose passengers for the next few months (along with JER), although March did see an average load on EDI of around 56 passengers making the F50 a good choice for the route (until the route starts to grow again).

March was also the end of the majority of BE ski routes. These had loads varying around the 50% mark in March and will be interesting to see what actually returns, if any, next year. Vueling had a much better month with loads of AGP and ALC both over 75%. This should continue into the summer and lets hope it is an encouraging sign for BCN which commences back in April.

STATS: Passengers Up 30% – February Stats now on Wales Air Forum

Stats for Feb 14 are now on WAF. Click here to view. 

“Another month of growth at CWL, PAX up 30% to 59,611. Rolling year up 7%.

These figures were helped by the two airlifts that occurred in February this year. One to Dublin and one to France. The French airlift carried over 7700 passengers on charter flights, whilst the Dublin lift carried over 2300 passengers on charter flights. However, even without these charter flights, we saw more standard passengers using Cardiff compared to last February.

Many destinations showed growth with ALC up 213%, AMS up 8%, EDI up 22.3%, AGP up 114% and TFS up 28%. A slightly better month for VY on APG and ALC with LFs of 66% and 62% respectively, however, this is still below the level it needs to be to be sustainable for VY. It is interesting to note the TOM had nearly half the number of flights to AGP but carried nearly as many people.

Routes that saw drops included SSH at -6% (due to less popularity of holiday to Egypt), BHD down 12% (less rotations, but still at a LF of 70%), GLA -32% (due to WX taking over), ACE -5% and VLY -9%. Cityjet took over the GLA route and started ORY at the end of Jan, so Feb is the first month to see how the routes are progressing. GLA had a load of 45%, and ORY had a load of 37%, which relates to passengers of 23 and 19 respectively. This isn’t a horrendous start but this will need to improve over the next few months for Cityjet to see CWL as sustainable. Two further routes to EDI and JER commence in April.

Lets hope we continue to see growth until May, which will be a continuous 12 months of growth at CWL. “


Jan 14 stats are now on the WAF site. Click here to view. 

Another very positive month for Cardiff. Passengers up 17.9% for Jan and up 5% rolling year to a total of 1,063,933.

Many routes seen in the green – ALC up 190%, DUB up 18%, EDI up 15%, AGP up 95% and AMS up 21%. Routes that saw drops included NCL down 10%, BHD down 12% and SSH down 2%. January saw the start of ORY and GLA by Cityjet and Flybe coming off CDG and GLA. Both Glasgow and Paris (ORY + CDG) saw drops in overall numbers due to this change over and the short lead in time to the Cityjet flights. ORY saw initial loads of around 14 PAX (28%), however, it is not possible to see how well GLA performed as it is mixed in with the BE figures. February and March will give a better indication of how GLA and ORY are performing. The BGI charter saw a 100% load which is excellent and TOM has already announced an increase in Caribbean charters for next winter and new cruise charters to Genoa this Summer.

GNB and LYS both took a hiatus from the beginning of January till start of February, hence the low passenger numbers. Due to this very few passengers will have headed back on the outbound flights due to the 4 week break, therefore loads could actually be seen to be 78% and 86% respectively for GNB and LYS, which is quite encouraging. GVA has a quieter month in Jan with loads of 52% and CMF had loads of 38%. However, both of these routes are on sale for Winter 14/15 which is a good sign!

VY had a poor month again on ALC and AGP with loads of 46% and 54% respectively. February should be better for them with half term, however, I can’t see VY trying winter ops at CWL next year, maybe only an extended operating schedule i.e. until November and then restart Feb 15.

Lets try to keep this momentum moving forward into the summer. However with TOM, TCX, EIR and WX (compared to BE) capacity reductions and currently VY having a quieter schedule for July/August to ALC and AGP, it may be difficult.

STATS: Up4.3% 2013 – December stats now on Wales Air Forum

The CAA statistics for Cardiff Airport for December 2013 are now on the WAF site! They show that Cardiff Airport carried 1,057,088 passengers in 2013, up 4.3% on 2012. Click here to view.

STATS: October stats for Cardiff Airport now on Wales Air Forum

Click here to view stats for October 2013.

Again another positive month for Cardiff. Rolling year flights are now at just -1%, so not long now till we are in all greens. Rolling year passengers up 3.4% to 1,044,268.October is the month when many routes end, so depending when airlines finish their schedules can have a significant impact on the results. Therefore, for some of the green/red results (particularly the seasonal routes), best to take them with a pinch of salt.

Routes that showed guaranteed growth (excluding ones potentially effected by the above) include Jersey up 190%, Malaga up 348.2%, Malta up 37%, Paphos up 38.5%, Paris up 22%, Amsterdam up 11% (5th month with 10000+ PAX). Routes that showed decreases include Dublin down 3%, Belfast down 10%, Barcelona down 16%, Sharm El Sheikh down 6% and Newcastle down 38%.

The next few months of the Winter season will be critical for CWL, both in terms of PAX and airlines. Vueling trialling Winter routes and Flybe with the new five routes. I am predicting that this year will be up on last year at around 1.06 million, with a small but manageable growth.

STATS: Cardiff Airport stats for September – Pax up 8.1%

The stats for Cardiff Airport for September 2013 are now on the Wales Air Forum site. Click here to view.